The eighth engine is a professional-grade SDK, written by games-industry veterans, consisting of:

  • high-performance C++ libraries for 3d rendering, multi-core simulation and multimedia user-interfaces
  • bindings for scripting languages such as Lua, Python or C#
  • a suite of tools for efficient development and integration of game content


The Eighth Engine is a project of GOATi Entertainment, led by Brooke Hodgman.


The Eighth Engine blog will detail the design, architecture, philosophy and technical details of the project.


In developing an independent game, we at GOATi Entertainment were faced with the choice of which game engine to buy. We instead chose to build:

  • Because we can. Our team has developed commercial games on over a dozen proprietary engines, and has participated in the development of several proprietary engines.
  • We believe that for the same cost as existing commercial engines, our small and talented staff can produce an SDK with superior performance, which also supports our ideal developer workflow.
  • Flexibility ans simplicity are key. We need an engine where you can iterate on content without technology getting in the way, but where you can simultaneously push the boundaries of technology.